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Client Testimonials

“Dr Gillroy is the best. Her and her office staff are very professional.”

“I wish I had come here a lot sooner than I did. Received custom orthotics and felt immediate results.. Thank you so much.”

“Dr Gillroy is amazing. She solved my problem that 6 other doctors couldn’t. She kept looking to find the answer and I couldn’t be happier. She saved me from years of pain.”

“You are doing wonderfully! The staff is always informed, professional, responsive, and accommodating. Dr. Gillroy is masterful, current, compassionate, and takes the time needed to work through concerns. My recommendation is exceptionally high.”

“Dr. Gillroy was very thorough, listened to my concerns, and left me with hope concerning a long time foot issue.”

“Great! Dr. Kelley Gillroy is easy to talk to and easy to understand. She helped me with my foot issue. Great staff also.”

“Great exam! Dr B is just great. He is patient and very informative. Thank you.”

“Dr Bagniewski, with the use of the orthotics and the stretching suggested, my foot is greatly improved.  It is still not 100% but it is better and I will continue to stretch as directed. Thanks for your help!” – Pat W

“Dr B gave me an injection that took away my pain. I can walk again!” – Dan F

“Dr Abe Baniewski is the very best foot doctor that I ever knew. I am 73 years old. God bless him.”

“I appreciate the level of care and concern that I have received from Dr Bagniewski.”